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We are so grateful that you are considering adoption! We really respect your desire to give the best to your baby and feel it shows the courage, love, and commitment you have for your child’s welfare. For that we thank you, and pray that you may have the guidance of Heaven in making your choice.

Our names are Matthew, Renee, and Jaeden, and we are very excited to welcome a child into our home through adoption because we cannot have children ourselves. Renee and Matthew both really love kids and have spent a lot of time with them. Renee is naturally a very nurturing person, and she has a talent for caring for children. She has the ability to love them unconditionally, and she is really good at teaching little kids as well. We have many nieces and nephews, and Renee can frequently be found just talking to each of them or participating in creative play. Matthew is a very happy and outgoing person who laughs often. He LOVES to find ways to make children laugh and is frequently caught playing goofy games with kids of all ages in hopes of making them happy. In fact, several of his nephews’ favorite games were invented when Matthew was visiting, and they have never wanted to stop playing them.

Jaeden was adopted 2 years ago as a baby, and he is a wonderful part of our family. He also loves people and other kids, and will gravitate to anyone who's laughing and having fun. He will be a very good older brother, since he is so sweet and caring towards others, and never likes to see anyone sad. Currently we live in Pittsburgh, PA, and Matthew works as a nuclear scientist at Westinghouse Electric Company, while Renee works (more than full time) as a stay at home mom. Jaeden's job is to learn, grow and be cute (at least someone is acing his job...)

We feel particularly lucky during this time in our lives because we both have flexible schedules and have plenty of time for family. Matt works only 4 days a week, and enjoys using the extra time to be with Jaeden and Renee. Because Renee takes care of Jaeden and doesn't have another job, we are able to spend a lot of time together during the day on the weekends, whether we are working side by side on our different projects, taking Jaeden to the zoo, or spending time just talking and laughing together as a family.

We are so grateful for the opportunity that has come to us to be parents, and we are very grateful that you are considering us when it comes to adoption. All of us are hopeful that we can extend our family soon, and we look forward to the great blessing of adopting another child for us and a sibling for Jaeden.